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Are you going to relocate your home? Our Moverscan software will help you walk it through on your own.

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Especially for larger removals, it is often advantageous to inspect the household in advance. Based on the removal volume, the building floor, access for the lorry, the carry-away distance, etc., our removal consultants can plan exactly the resources and budget needed for you to move out. However, this requires our removal consultants to make a short walkthrough of your home before the projected removal. 

If, for whatever reason, it is impossible for you to receive our removal consultant, now we give you the opportunity to make such a walkthrough on your own. Click the link and let the program guide you easily and conveniently. Thus you are able to take stock of your household at any time of the day and provide us with the gathered information. Afterwards we will send you our quotation and plan required resources.