Careful and timely planning is just what the removal of a company requires. It is often difficult to keep things under control while doing day-to-day business. Following advice of an external project manager is the right way to deal with large removals.

Business Removal - Weber Vonesch Transport AG Extensive experience to cope with business removals
Business removals are our day-to-day work, which we perform with a lot of routine..

Our strength is that we can offer the right solution to every customer. Time and money are often short, and many companies do not want to lose any working time when they relocate. We are specialised in changing corporate domiciles over a night or weekend. Staff spend an almost normal working day, and already on the next day they resume their work at a new desk with a new PC. The whole thing is done without work interruption, thus reducing the total relocation cost. In addition, we provide carpenter’s and other manual work, disposal of office furniture, shredding of files, stocktaking of documents, arrangement of cleaners and electricians as well as many other relocation-related services.

Business Removal - Weber Vonesch Transport AG During the removal, your electronic equipment is in safe hands
Our personnel ensure a proper ready-to-use workplace. 

Office removals are our personnel’s daily routine. For archive, industrial, hospital, retirement and nursing home removals, we can also draw on our extensive experience, and this is exactly where we lead the market.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Project management and planning of the whole removal
  • Computer and IT removals by logistics specialists (de- and rewiring)
  • Special packaging materials for business removals such as sealable plastic containers for folders and hanging files, computer trolleys, safe containers, rolling racks, etc.
  • Special equipment for transporting safes
  • Packing and unpacking in the archive and materials warehouse
  • Archive stocktaking
  • Little work lost by personnel as the removal can take place after hours and during the weekend

We work exclusively in compliance with the General Removal Terms and Conditions of the Association of Swiss Moving Companies.