The removal of extremely heavy and cumbersome goods is just where the customer has to rely on the expertise and experience of professionals, be it the removal of a safe, a concert piano, a printing line or a whole manufacturing plant.

Experts for special removal transports We can take care of your special transport
We would be pleased to transport cumbersome and heavy things for you, such as safes or pianos. 

Weber-Vonesch has long-standing experience, professional and specifically trained removal personnel as well as special tools to cope with even big relocation challenges. Whether it is a chocolate factory, a hospital, including an operating theatre, a retirement home or a school, with us you are in the right hands.

In addition to removals proper, we provide carpenter’s and other manual work, waste disposal, arrangement of cleaners and electricians as well as many other relocation-related services.

We work exclusively in compliance with the General Removal Terms and Conditions of the Association of Swiss Moving Companies.