Do you need too much time for the assembly of your newly bought furniture? Leave it to professionals. Our workers assemble newly bought and old furniture at your new place by the hour.

On the day of removal it is often unknown yet where all pictures and mirrors should be hung up in the new home. Once the decision has been made, our assemblers come to do that for you. All pictures and mirrors are put in their place using appropriate tools and necessary aids. Shoe racks, shelves and high boards are also dowelled into the wall in a professional way.

Our carpenters deal with the assembly and dismantling of your furniture. Professional assembly
Our assembler will help you put together your furniture quickly and with a lot of experience. 

You need special tools and enough experience to assemble and rearrange USM Haller furniture. Our assemblers have both, so they can build or set up USM furniture anew. Should any extra part be missing, then we cooperate with our specialised partners.

Also the lighting has to be right, and your lamps have to be properly installed in the new place. In most cases you will need an electrician to do it. We will be happy to arrange an electrician for you and coordinate the dismantling and reinstallation of your lamps. The electrician would come during loading and unloading to make sure that also the lighting fits your new home. (Electrical wirings need to be checked by a certified electrician and reported to the local power utility.)