There are no two identical flats. The removal cost depends on many factors such as the size of the flat, the type and quantity of the furniture as well as the floor and access to the flat or a new house. Depending on the scheduled removal, more or less personnel are deployed, vehicles of multiple sizes are dispatched and various aids and tools are planned.

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If possible, our removal consultant performs a free and no-obligation on-site walkthrough to provide you with a reliable cost estimate of the removal and make it hassle-free. The dismantling and assembly of your furniture, the volume, the carry-away distance (the distance between your home and the vehicle) and other extra expenses are what is particularly taken into account during such a walkthrough. It is already during the walkthrough when you receive valuable removal tips and advice from our professional and experienced relocation expert. At the same time, it is agreed which services should be offered and which you would like to chip in yourself (e.g. packing, dismantling of cabinets, etc.). Based on the walkthrough report, a removal quotation is compiled for you. The cost can be estimated very accurately then, and as a customer you are provided with all the details.

Your personal removal advice Personal removal support
Enjoy a personal and competent support when moving to your new home. 

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