21. November 2016

Six tips how to make your relocation easy

If you are moving to a new home, good planning and organisation are very important. Director Sibylle Weber reveals you top tips on how to move out.

Sibylle Weber, Weber Vonesch Transport AG

  1. Early packing makes moving out easier

Good preparation is the key for a speedy and stress-free relocation. On the day of removal all furniture should be emptied and its contents should be packed into suitable carton boxes. The latter should be stable and stackable. Carrier and other bags are unsuitable as they cannot be put one on the other in the lorry, and may empty out.

  1. Furniture arrangement and crate and furniture identification

The furniture arrangement should be planned, most easily using a layout plan. All cartons and furniture should be identified so that all participants know where to go. For instance, the rooms in the new home could be numbered and individual numbers put on the labels. Using words such as office, sitting room, etc. for room identification is less usable because the removal team often do not how a room is going to be used.

  1. Arrangement of care for children and pets

Removal professionals need a free away around them. Especially when they come back or carry heavy objects, pets and small children may pose an obstacle for them and an additional risk potential.

  1. Advance notice of special goods

Specialised moving companies can transport almost everything. However, if the company is to be well prepared, special goods should first be discussed during a walkthrough. For example, if pianos, safes, fitness equipment, etc. are to be transported, the company comes with special carrying straps or a tail lift.

  1. Separate transport of valuable and very tricky goods

At least because of missing insurance, objects of substantial value should not be touched by the moving company. Thus inherited items, cash and securities should be transported separately in a private car. Also tricky plants should be transported by customers themselves.

  1. Choice of the right moving company

The best way to get references is to ask your friends. Good movers are recommended by mouth-to-mouth propaganda. The company should have a registered office and appropriate infrastructure. Information on companies and their quality ratings is also obtained from associations of moving companies or professional groups (VSU, ASTAG, FIDI).

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